We work in 12 provinces in Spain through 9 social programs that offer attention to over 40,000 people a year. In addition, our programs for development cooperation and fair trade provide support to more than 100,000 people (direct and indirect population) in 3 countries in Latin America.

We provide support to girls, boys and teenagers at risk for dropping out of school. We also encourage them to continue their education after finishing highscool.

We offer training opportunities to young people so they can improve the skills needed to find a job and get the motivation to continue studyng and training.

We provide residential care to children and youth who are or have been under the Spanish child protection system, helping them work towards building an autonomous and independent life.

Based on an analytical vision of society, we promote the commitment of young people to foster their critical thinking and social activism.

We work to prevent substance or behavioral addictions and we also offer support in the recovery processes of young people and adults.

We use the digital environment as a means to educate young people about the healthy use of technology and reduce abusive uses.

We offer emotional support, training opportunities and work orientation to people who are or have been in prison, so they can achieve real inclusion.

We want to build an inclusive society where all people have the same rights and obligations. We offer Spanish classes, legal support and labour market orientation.

We offer a wide range of projects aimed at unemployed adults, so they can develop new skills that bring them closer to the labor market.

International programs

We support projects that prioritize attention to children and women in Latin America. We also work on awareness activities in Spain, to promote a better understading of other cultures and realities.

Fair Trade offers producers the opportunity to access global markets on fairer and more equitable rules. We work with cooperatives in Asia, Africa and Latin America, bringing their products to Spain.