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Our work

Our work

We operate across 13 provinces in Spain, where we develop social action programmes benefiting over 40,000 individuals annually.

Furthermore, our initiatives in development cooperation and fair trade offer support, directly and indirectly, to over 100,000 people. We partner with local organizations in three Latin American countries and collaborate with over 60 producer groups spanning across America, Asia, and Africa.

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We empower girls, boys, and teenagers to complete their education, paving the way for brighter futures

Training and employment

We provide young people with training opportunities to enhance their employable skills

Residential childcare

We operate care homes for foster children and youth, employing a personalized approach to support them in achieving their personal goals.

Education on values

We encourage solidarity among young people to nurture critical thinking and social activism

Tech addictions prevention

We harness the power of the online world to educate young people about responsible technology use and reduce harmful IT habits

Addiction prevention and recovery

We work to prevent substance or behavioral addictions and offer individualized support in recovery and reintegration processes

Offenders and ex-offenders

We offer support to people who are or have been in prison, so that they can achieve real reintegration.


We provide specific resources for the social and labor integration of immigrants

At risk adults

We offer resources for job placement, actively promote women’s empowerment, and offer compassionate support to individuals facing extreme vulnerability

Familias y Acceso a la vivienda

Facilitamos el acceso a una vivienda digna a personas solas y a familias que se encuentran en situación de vulnerabilidad.

International programmes

Development cooperation

We support projects that prioritize support for children and women in Latin America. We also engage the Spanish population in awareness-raising activities.

Fair trade - Equimercado

Fair Trade offers producers the opportunity to access global markets under fairer and more equitable rules, both in terms of labor and consumer ethics, and enables sustainable development.