We are a nonprofit organization that has been working for over 55 year to provide opportunities for at-risk youth and vulnerable adults, in Spain and in Latin America 


We provide support for over 40,000 individuals in Spain and over 5,000 in Latin America each year


To build a fairer, more tolerant and caring society, where diversity is accepted as a value and every single person can realize their aspirations in life. We believe in the potential for change in each individual and we are committed to being close to and accompanying those who are the most vulnerable.

2023 Vision

Fundación Adsis has created the required conditions for the future advancement of its organizational culture in a context of change, strengthened the involvement of internal groups, incorporated elements of social innovation and digital transformation, and established alliances to generate new projects and greater sustainability.


  • Focus on persons: We believe in each individual and their potential. Respecting human dignity and supporting the personal development of every man and woman are essential parts of our identity.
  • Fraternity: we promote fraternity as a lifestyle based on accepting each other unconditionally, fostering dialogue, trust and commitment.
  • Transformative Utopia: we work locally to transform society and create a more sustainable, caring and equitable world.
  • Participation: We encourage shared accountability for both individual and collective change processes, while promoting collaboration based on teamwork and networking.
  • Equality: We stand against any form of discrimination and violence. We work to achieve equal opportunities and treatment for men and women, in all aspects.
  • Transparency: We show who we are and what we do, clearly communicating relevant information about our activities and our management.

Our team

Our work makes a great impact thanks to the efforts of a team of over 400 committed professionals, more than 600 volunteers and 65 interns.

Our history

Since 1996, Fundación Adsis is driven by the Adsis Communities Movement, building on its Christian grassroots experience and its commitment to the poor, which dates back from the 1960s. The Foundation was established with a view to improving its presence and action in cases of injustice, poverty and exclusion. It is open to the participation of those who, coming from different beliefs or creeds, identify themselves with, and are committed to, its mission and values.

Adsis’s Social Action has been arranged in different ways over time, in the cities where Adsis is present: starting with volunteer experiences and leisure youth centers; later evolving toward local civil associations, which consolidated during the 1980s; and subsequently, creating coordination and joint work structures, such as the Federación Estatal de Servicios e Iniciativa Social (National Federation of Services and Social Initiatives).

Adsis has promoted various programs in response to the needs of people and groups at risk of social exclusion, including through promotion of ethnic minorities, social and professional integration of individuals at risk of exclusion, integration of immigrants, promotion of social volunteering, education in values for young people, cooperation for development and fair trade.

Eventually, on April 16, 1996, Fundación Adsis was created as a charity focusing on social assistance. It has an "associative spirit" because it is the joint result of the accumulated experience of each of the Adsis associations, which now build local and global strategies together.


Information updated March 2023