Fundación Adsis and IKEA collaborate to create homes for the most vulnerable...

The health crisis caused by Covid19 has had a huge impact on the lives of young people, especially those of the most vulnerable, exacerbating inequalities, increasing the difficulties they have to...

The celebrations for our 25th anniversary have started!

25 years sharing a journey, sharing stories 2021 is a special year… We celebrate the 25th anniversary of Fundación Adsis! 25 years in which social action has always been our reason for being, a...

Belmondo raises 20,000€ for Fundación Adsis

 Changing people's lives through pizza, this is the premise of the restaurants of the Big Mamma group and, without a doubt, this time they have succeeded! And it is that in less than a year they...

Exclusion and Employment: How to build effective models of socio-labor insertion?

What are the main challenges faced by the most vulnerable people in finding employment? How can we support them in this process?

These are some of the questions that professionals from Fundación Adsis reflect upon as they study the situation of access to employment in Spain and the methodologies that we can offer from NGOs and the public and private sector.

We have created this special program as part of the celebration of our 25 years as a foundation and our 55 years of social intervention.