Awarded in Salamanca for our commitment to the future of vulnerable youth

Fundación Adsis has been awarded in Salamanca one of the awards "Con nombre de mujer", which has been awarded over the last five years by the City Council of Santa Marta de Tormes.The prize was...

Domino's Pizza joins Fundación Adsis to support vulnerable people in Madrid

Fundación Adsis will receive the proceeds from the opening day of the new Domino's Pizza store in the Villaverde, Madrid, which will take place next Tuesday, March 22, at Calle San Jenaro, 1. ...

Fundación Adsis and TENDAM come together for an innovative dual training project

Fundación Adsis and TENDAM, one of the main groups in Europe in the fashion retail sector, a leader and endorsed by its long history, experience and growth, have come together to start a unique...

Exclusion and Employment: How to build effective models of socio-labor insertion?

What are the main challenges faced by the most vulnerable people in finding employment? How can we support them in this process?

These are some of the questions that professionals from Fundación Adsis reflect upon as they study the situation of access to employment in Spain and the methodologies that we can offer from NGOs and the public and private sector.

We have created this special program as part of the celebration of our 25 years as a foundation and our 55 years of social intervention.