"Migrar la mirada" Fundación Adsis' shortfilm

The stories of young migrants told by themselves Their future lais ahead. In their countries of origin they could not find a way forward. They decided to leave, to start from scratch in another...

Alliance with Bel Mondo restaurant from Big Mamma Group

With effort and desire, the purposes are achieved. And if not, ask Juan Diego, a young participant in the training courses that Fundación Adsis offers in Madrid. “I found out about Fundación...

"3 Años Justos" a documentary by Fundación Adsis

El comercio justo como mejora de vida de familias campesinas en Ecuador. El documental de Fundación Adsis muestra el antes y el después de dos familias cultivadoras de cacao tras 3 años...


Every afternoon thousands of young people come to our facilities to receive school support and participate in our activities.

Makane has been coming to our center in Barcelona since he was a kid and, now that he is finishing his professional training, he is volunteering as a boxing instructor to help children through this sport.

#EnPalabraPropia is a space to share the stories of the people who make Fundacion Adsis’ work possible.