Statement of revenue and expenditure for the year 2016

OWN FINANCING1.442.069,02 €
Sales at EquiMercado

1.040.157,66 €

User Fees19.033,20 €
Donations and Campaigns332.715,45 €
Financial Revenue9.364,92 €
Promoción captación recursos2.949,27 €
Extraordinary Revenue37.848,52 €
Private Revenue1.843.762,71 €
Service Providers479.785,78 €
Private Subventions1.363.976,93 €
Public Financing7.702.629,01 €
Service Providers1.812.445,95 €
Public Subventions5.890.183,06 €
Total10.988.460,74 €
Gastos corrientes11.039.708,48 €
Gastos de personal6.930.558,60 €
Ayudas económicas1.480.657,40 €
Gastos de actividad2.502.882,79 €
Dotación amortizaciones79.206,60 €
Gastos financieros46.403,09 €

Financial audits

In addition to the reports and audits we produce to each public and private funder, Fundación Adsis submits its accounts every year to the external audit company GZ Consultores-Auditores S.L. which is deposited in the Protectorate, according to the Law. The audited figures are contained in our annual reports.


Accounts audited annually by: GZ Consultores- Auditores S.L.

Fundación Adsis has been analyzed by the Spanish organisation Fundación Lealtad, and complies with all the Principles of Transparency and Good Practices.
We are also audited by the Spanish organisation Coordinadora de ONG para el Desarrollo (CONGDE).