Budget performance report 2021


Financiación propia1.065.701  €
Ventas EquiMercado555.937  €
Cuotas de usuarios44.184  €
Donativos y campañas441.028  €
Ingresos financieros4.450 €
Ingresos extraordinarios20.103 €
Financiación privada3.576.375 €
Presentación de servicios1.517.493 €
Subvenciones privadas2.058.882 €
Financiación Pública12.497.678 €
Prestación de servicios2.504.882  €
Subvenciones Públicas9.992.796 €
Total17.139.755  €


Gastos corrientes16.462.460  €
Gastos de personal11.233.649  €
Ayudas económicas1.910.786  €
Gastos de actividad3.164.468  €
Dotación amortizaciones125.327  €
Gastos financieros28.231 €

Financial audit

In addition to the individual reports and audits presented to each public and private funding partner, Fundación Adsis’s books are audited independently by Auren, an external company, on a yearly basis. The results are deposited with the Foundations Protectorate, according to the Law, and published in our annual reports.


Fundación Adsis has been analyzed by the Spanish organization Fundación Lealtad and found to be in full compliance of all the Principles of Transparency and Good Practices.

We are also audited by Coordinadora de ONG para el Desarrollo (CONGDE), a nationwide Spanish network of social welfare organizations.