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Consejo Asesor Fundación Adsis Encuentro 2023

Adsis Foundation celebrates the 2023 Advisory Board meeting

11/2023 - Estatal

The Advisory Board of the Adsis Foundation held its biennial meeting to exchange reflections on various strategic topics for the organization. Comprising volunteers from Barcelona, the Basque Country, and Madrid, who are experts in diverse fields, this team offers their knowledge and experience to the foundation, providing different perspectives that enrich its work.

Artificial Intelligence, participation, and partnerships

The meeting took place on November 18 in Bilbao, bringing together ten members of the Advisory Board, six members of the Adsis Foundation Board of Trustees, and twenty-one executive figures from the organization. During the gathering, some council members delivered presentations on topics crucial for the foundation, such as the future of work and the role that Artificial Intelligence, participation, and the formation of alliances can play.

Jordi Serrano, founder of the Future for Work Institute, shared data and potential predictions about the future of work. He analyzed the challenges of managing an organization in a complex and uncertain environment, such as the current one, and reflected on the disruptive role that Artificial Intelligence will have in the third sector, both in internal processes and in educational and training opportunities for users.

On another note, Enrique Arnanz, a sociologist and philosopher, reflected on the participation of users in projects. Drawing from his extensive experience in the social sector, he provided a comprehensive perspective, urging everyone to consider how capable they are of respecting the rhythms of each person when inviting them to participate. He emphasized that individual situations and needs determine the level of involvement.

Lastly, Arancha Cejudo, founder of the consultancy firm Abr[e], brought together her experience in the third sector and social consulting to share insights on the relationship between NGOs and businesses. She discussed how to enhance the creation of long-term alliances based on trust, beyond occasional collaborations.

Paying attention to reality to meet needs

As a conclusion to the day, Fermín Marrodan, President of the Adsis Foundation, urged the organization's leadership to "always stay connected with reality, being present. Never stop listening to that reality and let it affect us to try to respond." As an example, he referred to the techno-addiction program and how Adsis Foundation has been able to respond to a current need, thanks to the sensitivity developed around addictive issues and their work with young people.

These meetings allow the leadership team to delve into various topics that may be distant from the day-to-day operations of the foundation but are equally important for adapting to current and future needs. Although the next in-person meeting is not until 2025, the 31 members of the Advisory Board maintain regular contact and remain closely connected to the foundation.

Meet the members of the Adsis Foundation Advisory Board.