We are a team of people committed to building a fairer society. Thanks to the professionalism and dedication of those who make up Fundación Adsis, we can offer comprehensive support to people so that they can achieve their goals. If you want to know how we organize ourselves and know our internal structure, you can consult it here.

General management team

General Director: Antonio Godoy

Administration and Finances: Javier Turreira

Human Resources: Iñaki Gómez Alonso

Communication and Fundraising: Ariana Paz

Social Programs Coordinator: Jesús García

Volunteering and Strategy Coordinator: Juan Carlos Melgar

Values Education: Gerardo Mendoza

Development Cooperation: Sofía San Millán

Fair Trade - EquiMercado: Jordi Serena

Araba: Juncal Yubero

Asturias: María Pinto

Barcelona: Mercedes Yubero

Bizkaia: Juan Lekunmberri

Gipuzkoa: Juanmi Altuna

Las Palmas: Esther Gálvez

Madrid: Marisa Torrescassana

Navarra: Gilberto Padrón

Salamanca: Gema López

Valencia: Juan Carlos Jiménez

Valladolid: Aurora Corona

Zaragoza: Felipe Soret

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