The celebrations for our 25th anniversary have started!


25 years sharing a journey, sharing stories

2021 is a special year… We celebrate the 25th anniversary of Fundación Adsis! 25 years in which social action has always been our reason for being, a driving force that began more than half a century ago and that, in 1996, was established as theAdsis Foundation.

Since then we have worked accompanying people in situations of vulnerability, because everyone deserves to be able to enjoy opportunities to advance their growth and develop to promote change and social transformation.

These 25 years of travel have given us the opportunity to share a journey with many people and entities that, in some way, have formed or are part of the foundation and that, without a doubt, have contributed to the Adsis Foundation being the entity that it is today. in day. A jointly built project that has allowed us to accompany more than 900,000 people in Spain and Latin America.

A celebration of everybody and for everybody

There are 900,000 stories that are difficult to summarize, but they are already part of all of us and we want to share to celebrate this special moment.

To do so, we have prepared different activities that will further unite the Fundación Adsis centers in the state and that will review the past and future of the foundation. In addition, we want to take advantage of this moment to reflect on the different areas in which we work and contribute the experience that these years of experience give us.

We still cannot tell about everything we have prepared… but you can discover it on Fundación Adsis' 25th anniversary website and on our social networks.

We continue to share the journey!

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