Fundación Adsis wins the Innovation Award from the Spanish Association of Foundations

The objective of these awards is to recognize Spanish foundations that best represent the values of the sector in the fulfillment of general interest purposes.
With the award for Social Innovation, the AEF recognizes the achievement of the Adsis Foundation, which in the last three years has given an effective response to a problem or social demand not previously addressed.
This award is a recognition of our work in the field of technoadictions, through the project "DIGITAL ITINERANT SPACE 3.0", which we carried out in the Alsis Center of Fundación Adsis Canarias. The project aims to raise awareness, prevent and reduce the likelihood of developing behavioral addictions caused by technologies in the mostly adolescent population.
Our Aluesa Center is pioneer in the Canary Islands in the prevention and treatment of techno-addictions. Since the year 2000 it works with ludopathies and all kinds of behavioral addictions (technology, shopping, sex, etc.).


Girls present higher rates of problematic use or addicion to mobile phones and social media while boys present it to online gaming. 


The Aluesa Center's team has warned for some time of "the increase in techno-addictions and the great social impact they generate in families". A change of trend has been detected, with the arrival of technologies and the increase in the demand for help for young people between 18 and 35 years old, with technological addictions to social networks, mobile phones, gambling, online betting, etc.


We are very sensitive to the growing problem generated by technoadications and we wish to expand our program of attention to behavioral addictions to our other centers in Spain. In the case of Fundación Adsis Valencia our centers Hedra and Taleia develop awareness and prevention of techno addictions activities, as well as group support for young people at risk of addiction.

We will receive the AEF award on November 26 at the Forum of Foundations and Civil Society, Demos 2018, in Madrid.
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